What we do

We are a simple, secure, online service.

  • We link business-related higher education institutions with part-time and casual teaching talent globally
  • We deliver the best sessional lecturers, tutors, executive educators, research supervisors, markers, guest speakers, mentors, coaches, advisory board members and study tour leaders.
  • We have the right Adjuncts in our database no matter which teaching mode - face-to-face, online or intensive.
How it works

Register your personal profile on our secure website with your name and contact details hidden.

Search Adjunct profiles using criteria important for particular positions and get in touch through the personal chat page of potential candidates.

Who we are

We are a team of experienced academic and business leaders with extensive global experience working in universities and private industry.

We understand the importance of educational diversity and the challenge of finding the best Adjuncts/part-time faculty for business and law schools.


Welcome to AdjunctFinder.com

Thank you for visiting our website. We are excited by the enthusiastic response to AdjunctFinder.com by potential Adjuncts
and Business Faculties in higher education institutions. We are pleased to be linking these two groups and introducing them
to each other and wish you a productive experience on AdjunctFinder.com.

Kind regards, John Toohey and Victoria O'Connor