About Us

Business education is increasingly challenging – budgets are tighter, employment is more casualised, programs are increasingly global, competition is fuelling prices and students are demanding more experienced and diverse instructors.

Business schools need simple and effective solutions to these challenges so we established AdjunctFinder.com.

AdjunctFinder.com is the international repository for Business School Adjunct faculty. It gives Business Schools and other business education providers, easy on-line access to high-quality Adjuncts. It overcomes the limitations of standard recruitment and the complexity of multiple paper resumes in filing cabinets. It assists Business Schools to more effectively manage their current pool of Adjuncts while accessing new talent from outside their existing networks.

Business education is global, and so are Adjuncts. While many work locally, others have flexible work or retirement arrangements. So it’s not unusual for Business Schools to recruit from outside their city, region or country for online teaching and for short-term on-site appointments.

John Toohey and Victoria O’ Connor, the Founding Partners of AdjunctFinder.com head a team of experienced business and academic leaders who understand the challenges of modern business education and the importance of diversity in business teaching and learning.


John Toohey PhD Founding Partner

Professor Toohey was a Business School Head and International Dean having held senior positions in the private sector. He holds a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and is an international advisor to business and government in organisational performance and decision-making.


Victoria O’ Connor Founding Partner

Victoria has extensive experience in university management education as an academic and as an MBA Program Executive Director. She provides entrepreneurial business development advice to business schools and the private sector.