Q. What does ‘Adjunct’ mean?
A. Various countries, universities and business schools use different language to describe their part-time staff. AdjunctFinder.com uses the word ‘Adjunct’ as it the accepted term in most international business schools to describe sessional, part-time, occasional or intermittent teachers or related service providers.

Q. What do ‘Adjuncts’ do in universities and business schools?
A. Adjuncts carry out a range of activities to assist students with their studies. These include teaching, delivering Executive Education sessions, assessing and marking, author teaching materials, coaching and mentoring. They may also be involved in study tours and serve on program and course advisory boards. Their teaching might be face-to-face in weekly classes, intensively (a few days at a time), online or a combination. It is increasingly common for Adjuncts to be involved in international and interstate activities.

Q. Are Adjuncts common in universities and business schools?
A. Yes, Adjunct Faculty are common in universities throughout the world and are an important part of a modern business school, supporting Full-time Faculty while enriching the student experience.

Q. Does AdjunctFinder.com guarantee to find me a position?
A. AdjunctFinder.com is not a recruitment company or job agency and does not guarantee to find positions and roles for Adjuncts. Through its website, AdjunctFinder.com creates the conditions for potential Adjuncts and universities to make contact with one another. It is up to the parties, to negotiate and determine any relationships.

Q. Does AdjunctFinder.com set rates of pay and conditions of employment?
A. No. AdjunctFinder.com does not set rates of pay and conditions of employment nor does it provide advice on these. All such matters are dealt with by negotiation between potential Adjuncts and universities.

Q. Does AdjunctFinder.com check my credentials and resume?
A. The purpose of AdjunctFinder.com is to link Adjuncts and Business Schools. Our staff review all Adjunct data before approving profiles. This initial triage does not verify the accuracy of the information provided by registrants, this is done by Universities according to their own engagement policies and procedures.

Q. Do I need to have a high-level business degree such as an MBA or PhD to be an Adjunct in a business or law school?
A. Not necessarily. Universities have their own selection criteria but most value a combination of business experience, qualifications and teaching experience. When seeking an Adjunct, a judgment is normally made on the balance and strengths of the individual for the task involved.

Q. Do I need to have a formal teaching qualification to be an Adjunct in a business or law school?
A. Not necessarily. Universities value teaching qualifications especially tertiary sector qualifications but in most cases this is not compulsory. AdjunctFinder.com provides advice on appropriate courses which may be undertaken by Adjuncts.

Q. What is the background of most Adjuncts?
A. Adjunct registrants include current academics seeking to broaden their horizons; business people wishing to ‘give back’ their skills and experience through part-time or occasional lecturing, mentoring or guest speaker roles. Some are retired or semi-retired and some would like a part-time position to enhance their current role in a university or in business. Many are mobile and able to work ‘without borders’ teaching online, delivering ‘intensive’ and shorter on-site courses even combining overseas travel with Business School work.

Q. Is AdjunctFinder.com an international service?
A. Yes, AdjunctFinder.com is international. University education is now global and increasingly students and teaching staff travel between countries for courses, study tours and work placements.

Q. So, can I live in one country and be involved with a business school in another?
A. Yes, many Adjuncts are involved virtually and physically across borders. On-line teaching, coaching and support is common in business schools as is short-term on-location appointments. Therefore, it is quite feasible to live in one country and teach on-line or deliver an on-site intensive course in another state or another country. Many Adjuncts combine overseas travel with Business School work.

Q. Is AdjunctFinder.com associated with any other organisations?
A. AdjunctFinder.com is a private company with international networks and partnerships across quality business education organizations. These include the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD), Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC), Strategic Management Institute (SMI) and a variety of professional and business associations.

Q. How do I register my interest as a potential Adjunct?
A. Registration is via the ‘Register’ tab in the AdjunctFinder.com header. The process is simple and can be completed in approximately 10 minutes.
• Register your personal profile free of charge, with your name and contact details ‘hidden’. (Note: Universities pay an annual fee to search for Adjuncts).
• Universities search profiles using criteria they feel are important for the position they wish to fill. Universities initiate contact through your personal, secure,email within the website.
• Adjuncts and universities communicate within the website or outside the website should they choose to discuss positions and engagement arrangements.

Q. What can AdjunctFinder.com do for me if I am already an Adjunct in a Business School?
A. You may choose to register with AdjunctFinder.com to access opportunities in other Schools outside your current networks. Also, many Schools use the ‘My Adjunct’ function of the AdjunctFinder.com website to manage their existing Adjuncts. If your School is registered with AdjunctFinder.com, you’ll be accessible if not, please ask your Schools program manager to contact the AdjunctFinder.com team by email: info@adjunctfinder.com

Q. How does a Business School or other business education provider manage its existing Adjuncts in AdjunctFinder.com?
A. Subscriber Business Schools can use the ‘My Adjuncts’ function on the AdjunctFinder.com website once they have logged in to manage existing Adjuncts. This customised, school-branded area of the website contains all registered Adjuncts from that School, facilitating efficient searching and faster identification of the best fit for a specific position.

Q. Does AdjunctFinder.com cover disciplines other than business and law?
A. At this time, AdjunctFinder.com covers business and law. Dependent on demand, AdjunctFinder.com will expand to other disciplines in the future.

Q. Does AdjunctFinder.com service institutions and business schools that are not university based?
A. Yes, AdjunctFinder.com services colleges, institutes, professional associations and other organisations which offer business management programs and courses.

Q. Is the information I provide to AdjunctFinder.com confidential?
A. Yes. You decide whether and when you release your personal information to universities who do not already have this information. You may do this whenever you wish via an email sent from your AdjunctFinder.com outbox.