Adjuncts Help Guide the Student Journey

Adjuncts providing sessional teaching or tutoring, research supervision, advisory board advice or creating teaching materials are helping shape the business minds of the future.

Adjuncts include current academics seeking to broaden their horizons and business people wishing to share their skills and experience. Some Adjuncts are retired or semi-retired and some would like a part-time position to enhance their current role in a university or in business. They service face-to-face, online and intensive teaching modes.

Many are mobile and able to work ‘without borders’ – teaching online, delivering ‘intensive’ and shorter on-site courses – even combining overseas travel with Business School work. Others prefer to work close to home in face-to-face, blended learning or intensive teaching modes. is a free service for Adjuncts. It is designed to connect you to participating institutions via a secure, private online platform, which is always up to date.


How Works

  • You register on
  • Complete your personal profile via our secure website questionnaire – this takes approximately 10 minutes.
  • will review your submitted profile and once reviewed, your profile (without name and contact details) will go ‘live’ and be searchable by participating institutions.
  • Universities seeking Adjuncts, search our database using criteria suitable for the position they wish to fill.
  • Universities wishing to contact you, place a message in your personal inbox, identifying the contact university and details of the available position.
  • You can communicate further within or reveal your name and contact details to the university and communicate outside the platform.

Register and complete your profile today free of charge and be available to be searched immediately.

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