A general term to describe a ‘sessional’, part-time, occasional or intermittent university teacher or related service provider. Adjunct Faculty members normally support full-time Faculty who are responsible for academic oversight of programs and courses.

Advisory Board member

A person who provides strategic advice on course direction, content and other matters.


A person who assesses /marks assignments or examination papers.

Author of teaching materials

A person who is responsible for writing content to achieve a set of specified subject objectives and student outcomes.

Blended learning

Teaching which combines online and face-to face study.

Class facilitator

A person who works with a class (online or face-to-face) guiding debate, posing discussion questions and applying real life experiences to augment theory.


A person who guides an individual or group to enhance their work performance through planned personal strategies.

Executive education presenter

A person who teaches in short, non-degree courses which are usually designed for working managers .

Face-to-face in a weekly class

Teaching which occurs on campus on a weekly basis, normally over a semester period.

Face-to-face in intensive mode

Teaching where students attend lectures face-to-face for a weekend or, one to several days at a time.

Guest speaker

A person who presents to students in a ‘one-off’ lecture or speaks at an event. This may be pre-recorded as a podcast to be used online.


Teaching undertaken outside the country in which the Adjunct resides.


Teaching undertaken outside the state/province in which the Adjunct resides.


A person who teaches students face-to-face or online. An Adjunct lecturer will usually (but not always) be required to teach a subject which has already been written and may be required to do some marking of students’ work.


Teaching undertaken within the State/Province in which the Adjunct resides.


A person with knowledge, wisdom and experience who assists others to enhance their life and career prospects.


Teaching which occurs through web-based, interactive, virtual classes in either ‘real time’ or more usually, asynchronously. Online teaching may involve interaction via chat rooms, emails and online conversations.

Research supervisor

A person responsible for the general oversight of an academic research project.

Study tour leader

A subject expert who guides student learning during an overseas study tour.

Subject coordinator

A person who has a quality assurance/subject oversight role. Duties may include course planning, design, development and delivery, selection of educational resources, student assessment and subject evaluation.


An assistant who teaches small group tutorials (usually to undergraduate students) to supplement and support lecturers (could be face-to-face or online).