Australian Institute of Management (AIM): high quality professional development programs using appropriately skilled facilitators

Globilisation is placing extraordinary pressures on Australian organisations and their employees to lift productivity and performance. The recent loss in Australia of iconic manufacturers underlines how important it is for organisations to maintain an employee talent base that provides them with a competitive edge in the international marketplace. To attract, develop and retain the best people, organisations need to invest in ongoing education and professional development programs. The provision of such programs has been the lifeblood of the nation's leading professional body for managers and leaders, the Australian Institute of Management.

Since AIM was established in 1941 as an independent, not for profit organisation it has recognised the development and delivery of high quality professional development programs requires the recruitment of appropriately skilled facilitators and instructors. To meet AIM's needs, these specialist staff must have real-life workplace management experience so they can provide learning outcomes that balance theory and practice.

AIM provides a wide range of short courses for managers and leaders as well as aspiring managers. It also provides formal qualifications that are nationally recognised including postgraduate, advanced diploma, diploma and certificate IV programs.

To maintain AIM's edge in the marketplace it needs ongoing access to the best possible facilitators and instructors. In that regard, AIM is delighted to be associated with

Tony Gleeson, Executive General Manager, Australian Institute of Management

Strategic Management Institute (SMI): grounded in research, practical in application

SMI conducts executive education programs in strategy, leadership and associated programs and licence suitably qualified and experienced practitioners in the theory and practice of strategy, leadership and similar topics, in locations throughout the world. They recruit suitable people through - join today!

Strategy is a fundamental proficiency for executives, but unlike accounting and law there has been no recognition of strategy as a profession: until now. As a member based learning and networking organisation their objective is to augment the effectiveness of the practice of Strategic Management and to contribute to knowledge in the field of strategy. Formed in 2005, the fundamental objectives of the SMI are to:

  • Facilitate the personal development of the Strategy Professional which at its highest level will enable their accreditation as a Certified Strategy Practitioner (CSP);
  • Capture, align and assimilate the combined knowledge of strategy professionals, and facilitate the dissemination of that knowledge to make a positive contribution to the standard of Strategic Management in practice; and,
  • Enhance the strength of practitioners and the organisations with whom they work, through the sharing of strategically oriented, performance enhancing knowledge.